16 January 2018

Promo: Quinn's Destiny (A Companion's Tale Book 1) by Emily Jean

Title: Quinn's Destiny
Series: A Companion's Tale Book 1
Author: Emily Jean
Publisher: Self-Published
Editor: Raissa Phoenix
Genre: MM Paranormal BDSM
Length:  282 pages


Never Question, always obey.

The world is cruel for a companion whose sole purpose is to fight beside his warlock masters in the heat of war.

A war that rages between warlock and vampire.

A companion must be their mater's shield as well as their submissive, and a warrior who chooses otherwise will receive a cold-blooded punishment. Quinn is a companion who serves his master in any way that he desires, and always without question. Specifically created by the warlocks from a combination of magic and life essence to win the war, Quinn is the perfect companion to use in order to gain the upper hand against their blood sucking enemies. 

But when Quinn's master perishes from a vampire attack, he finds that the warlocks no longer have a use for him, and Quinn is left with a choice. Run, or be disposed of like his brothers and sisters before him. 

The world is cruel for a companion who chooses to run away, but when an enticing and dangerous vampire begins hunting Quinn for answers he may or may not be able to fulfill, his fate dangles by a thread. 

Will he choose to escape the clutches of the warlocks and try to survive on his own? Or will his submissive nature take over and let the warlocks choose his destiny for him, putting an end to his freedom and the vampire who seeks him?


Strip and wash yourself,” the vampire commanded. He leaned against the stone wall.“In front of you?” Quinn blurted out.

The vampire cracked an amused smile. Quinn eyed him suspiciously, but he did not move from where he stood in the room. The bathroom was small and open. If the vampire stayed where he was, Quinn’s entire body would be visible to his magnificent red eyes.

“I, uh… I can’t. Please leave,” he managed to get out.

Muscles rippled beneath the vampire’s sleeveless shirt as he crossed his well-defined arms in front of his chest and cocked an eyebrow. One thing was certain. The vampire was not going to leave.

Quinn’s face heated. At least when he’d been the warlocks’ prisoner, he’d had some form of privacy when he’d showered and relieved himself.

But this would be a losing battle. He gripped the bottom of his dirty, ripped shirt and lifted it over his head, dropping it onto the rock covered floor. His small frame shivered from the cold that lingered in the cell. He glanced back at the vampire, who was still standing in the doorway with his massive shoulders taking up most of the space. The idea of getting past such a strong being was a hopeless one.

The vampire caught Quinn staring and nodded. “The pants too. Those have to come off.”Quinn cast his eyes downward and bit his lip.

“Don’t tell me that you’re shy,” the vampire teased.

“I’m… I’m not used to someone watching, okay?” he answered quickly, a blush heating his cheeks.

The vampire chuckled. “Would it make you feel better if I were in there with you? Then I wouldn’t be watching. I’d be participating.”

Quinn gulped, trying to settle his nerves. “You’re not… I’m not…. I just…”

The vampire ignored Quinn’s rambling, quickly stripping off his own shirt and throw 
ing it on the floor next to his. The vampire’s blood red eyes grew darker as he walked across the bathroom floor toward Quinn.

He’s stalking me, like I’m prey.

Quinn’s submissive nature came crashing to the forefront. He backed up until his back pressed against the cold stone wall. There was nowhere to run.

The vampire advanced upon Quinn until his muscular body pressed against his. One hand settled on the wall above Quinn’s head, while the other one gripped his right wrist without warning. The chill from the vampire’s body made Quinn shiver. He had no idea that vampires were this cold to the touch.

Quinn pushed his left hand against the vampire’s chest in a futile attempt to hold him at bay. He didn’t stand a chance. Vampires were ten times stronger than any companion.  The vampire stood against Quinn, still as a statue. Quinn’s heart pounded madly in his chest, so much faster than the faint beats of the vampire's heart vibrating through his palm. It was odd, like it was rarely beating compared to Quinn’s racing heart.

“I am sorry.” The vampire’s face leaned down toward his own. “My vampire side wants to come out and chase you for some reason. This only ever happens when I hunt for big game in the woods or when I see something I want but is hard to get.”

Quinn swallowed down the extra saliva that was caught in his throat. His brain frantically searched for an explanation. “I have… natural submissive tendencies. Maybe… maybe that’s why…” he whispered.

“Yes. You are not always submissive, though. I saw such fire within you last night. That goes against everything a companion is. Tell me. What are you really?”

Quinn sucked in a breath. “I’m just a normal companion, and you’re a vampire. I know what you want from me.” His breaths were shaky when he finally exhaled.

“Oh?” the vampire’s lips drew up into a smirk. “And what do I want, little one?”

“You want my neck… my blood. You’ve been staring at it since you came in.” There was no mistaking it.

“Yes, I must admit that I do. Like I said before, companions have such a sweet taste, or so I’ve heard. I have always loved my sweets.” The vampire lowered his head toward Quinn’s neck and lapped at the sensitive skin there.

Quinn gasped, hips jerking as he sought out something he could not name. He couldn’t fight this vampire, but he found he didn’t want to. What was wrong with him?

“Has anyone ever taken you before?” The vampire sucked on Quinn’s skin, making his blood rush to the surface.

Quinn struggled to find words. His body was a mess of nerves. “I… my last master… I sucked him, but he never entered me. He said that it was dirty.”

The vampire lifted his mouth from Quinn’s neck and stared into his blue eyes. Quinn felt the obvious lust radiating from the vampire. He was drawn to this vampire even though it was madness.

“No, your master was wrong. It’s not dirty. It’s a beautiful thing to do. I can show you,” the vampire purred. He stroked a finger along the area he’d just been just sucking.“But… you’re a vampire… You kill companions. I don’t know who you are… I don’t even know your name.”

“And I don’t know yours.”

“It’s Quinn,” he answered, almost immediately.

“Mine is Raphael. I am the prince of the vampires.”

Quinn’s eyes widened. “You’re th-th-the prince?”

Raphael nodded.

“I… I’m… you…”

“Shh. Quiet your mind,” Raphael told him. “Just because I’m the prince doesn’t mean that you’re in danger. It actually might work out for you in the end.”

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About the Author

Emily Jean has always been passionate about 
writing. From an early age she would carry notebooks within her arms filled with characters and made up worlds. After stumbling across her first MM book at eighteen Emily knew that she was hooked. She also knew that she had found her true calling.

She started writing in order to combat her anxiety from the outside world but she also hopes that others will enjoy her books as well. Newly married and establishing her own little farm Emily enjoys her simplistic life. 

Step inside of her worlds and enjoy your stay! There's no doubt that you will eventually fall for her dark and sexy characters!

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15 January 2018

Book Blast: The Loss Of Self by Alek Martin

Book Title: The Loss of Self
Author: Alek Martin
Publisher: Alek Martin
Cover Artist: Guillaume Beauchamp created the cover but isn't the Photographer. Alek Martin is the guy on the picture and holds all the rights
Length: 54 549 words/ 288 pages
Genre: Autobiography/Non-Fiction


A very private and intimate Autobiography of the last seven years, my fall from “Grace,” as I like to describe it.
Death, Sex, lots of absurd, artificial
An appalling Break-up, which was the Catalyst to it all.chemed-Sex.
H.I.V., Bankruptcy, Almost-Suicide, Meth and so much more!
I lost faith in humanity
I lost myself.
I always had rules, goals and boundaries which I lived by endearingly, but after the Death of my beloved Grandmother, I started a Path of Self-Destruction to the point of total shame.
Do you know what it feels like to be standing on the Edge of a building, you have nothing to lose, and the only thing that keeps you from jumping is to return to an abusive Boyfriend who has nothing else to offer you, but to lie to you, to control you and to take the next puff of the Meth pipe!
Would you go back?
I did!
Back to the gay Lifestyle I never asked for.
To a Lifestyle where I ended up having Sex for Cash, me of all people?
Why, one must wonder, why?
I kept on punishing myself.
I accepted that my own boyfriend brought guys home and had sex with them in front of my face, looking me straight in the eyes.
And his eyes were saying:
“I'm going to break you, and you will accept everything I am going to give you ”, and I did with little resistance.
I enforced his behaviour by overeating and
I lost my body.
Why did I let this happen?
What is my problem?
Why on earth would I who was successful in business and Life, always had monogamous, and highly Moral Relationships accept all this?
After 44 years on this earth, I finally discovered why!
My “Core Problem” wasn't the people I met,
they were merely clones that I choose very distinctively yet totally unaware.
I recreated the worst of all relationships, the one I never had,
The one I never understood.
The relationship between my mother and myself!
It's about the fact that she never fought for me,
she never placed me first, and that behaviour made me feel not worthy, not good enough.
She never chose me!
But you have to fight and understand your
"Core Problem"
and deal with it, as harshly and honestly as you can!
It will hurt, and sacrifices will have to be made,
but the pain isn't anything compared to the pain that you will encounter if you don't!


The Miami Moment

Menintogear was down the drain; the official news came in from my accountant!

I was officially broke!

My investors drove me crazy,
and I was totally and utterly financially dependent on Georg.
I had sold everything.
This was the first time in my grown-up life that I was dependant on someone else.
His ways were worse than ever, careless, drunk and high all the time.
His drunken abusiveness became more frequent, targeting only me!
He screamed,
he threw things around,
I couldn't take it anymore!
Yes, I went back to him even after the Boston incident.
That is what this book is about co-dependence at its best.

The weather here in Miami was Stormy and flooding was everywhere.
I didn't know anymore what to do, how to get myself out of this situation, where to turn and I had no one to talk to.
I was estranged by my fault with all my friends, as they were sick and tired of listening to me about the same story over and over.
I was in this mess all by myself.
Georg had to be conquered, but I just didn't know how to.
Georg made all the money and kept it very well hidden.
My desperation was immense.
My primary investor was infuriated with me, as he believed it was my fault that the Project Menintogear went down the drain.
But it wasn’t. I still felt tremendous guilt.
Could I have done more? No, but yet again my trust in the wrong people broke this wonderful project.
I understood him very much, as I would've been mad as well, But what was I supposed to do?
Kill myself?
And for the first time in my life, the Idea of killing myself became a daily thought, and I was starting to worry about my safety very much.

The situation was simple; I was broke,
except for the 15000 Euros from Georg, which he wasn't gone pay me back,
I was homeless, and I refused to Escort,
I had to vomit when I thought about it and got extremely depressed and mad when he did it, even now, after I no longer loved him, it still bothered me.

The day came where physical violence took over, and he and I went at it.
It was terrible, and it started with the fact that I told him to please stop doing chems with his customers, as I wanted to have a break from it all,
a well-deserved break as I needed to make better decisions so staying sober and focused was key.
And let me tell you that Georg without Chems was rather boring but high he was a terror a fucking horror,
but Georg on chems and alcohol was unbearable!
Either I would strike him that he would die and I would end up in jail for the rest of my life, or I needed to escape, but how and one of a sudden the idea of suicide was the only way out, and it was calming me tremendously.

So the day came
It was a very stormy outside, and I love those days, if I am happy and content, which haven't been now in 2 years and six months.
I looked out the window and had no idea what I thought about. I was staring at whatever without any thoughts! I was empty!
I got dressed looked at the flat and saw this mess of a man,
in bed sleeping,
which was the only time I had peace of him, and I left the flat, sometimes I just sat there feeling the peacefulness of the situation, and that became my sanctuary.
The flat was about 200 meters away from the Ocean, which I walked towards.
The waves that normally calmed me were wild and tempered.
I couldn’t relax as my back was against the wall.
I didn't see the solution, so I walked and walked until I ended up on some building, I don't know how many floors up, but it was as high as I've ever been!
I stood on the edge and looked around being almost blown off.
And here are my thoughts:

I'm alone,
My grandmother is gone,
My mom the person that raised me,
my family and I don't talk anymore since,
I lost my business, my car, my dignity,
my belief system and
I am raping myself over and over.
I am afraid of Georg, so much that at times I can't breathe,
I am broke,
Menintogear which was a chance to get out of this mess,
is down the drain,
not because it was a bad idea but because I got framed, yet again
and I have no one to talk to,
My investors might eventually sue me.

I felt no way out and slowly, but surely the thought of leaving life was making me feel relaxed and chilled, and I moved towards the edge.
I stood there for hours, and then a thought hit me:
"What about my sister, how will she feel, when she gets the news of my suicide and what about my beautiful little niece?"
And then and there the fighter within me arose back to life.
I told myself:
I'm not jumping because I don't have the guts, but because I'm not done with this life,
and no Georg will send me to hell.
If so, I will decide and no one else.
"You will go back to this horrible and unbearable situation and take all,
all you can handle,
and when that moment arrives, you will exit this hell."
And so I did!
I walked back to him, and his degrading, immoral Lifestyle.
I went into the house, and he was awake, high already, the pipe loaded with meth and the GHB bottle next to it.
But I didn’t care anymore.
Something within me knew what to do, and I can be very persistent.
I looked at him, went into the bedroom and for the first time locked it and put my headphones on, and longed for the day when it was all over.

That was the day where I started to plan my Exit!

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About the Author

"I used to lie and embellish, so I could somehow function and deal with my life, my family! I dared to face the truth and since then I've been able to rebuild and found the real meaning of my life!" 

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14 January 2018

Promo Post: Shaded: Treasured Secrets by R.E. Danielle and T.D. Dean

Title: Shaded: Treasured Secrets
Series: Book 2 of the Shaded Series
Author/s: R.E Danielle and T.D. Dean
Publisher: Self-Published
Length: 176 Pages


Experience the second book in the exciting Shaded series!

As Avery continues to explore her newfound powers and Immortality, there still remains the lingering concern over those who would sabotage her family’s bloodline. However, when an unexpected foe brings himself into the picture, will Avery be able to find out the truth in time?

**This is book two in the series. MUST BE READ IN ORDER.**


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Meet The Authors: 

Born in Florida, but raised in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, writing has always been a passion for R.E. Danielle, and she won several young adult fiction awards while in school. Writing has always been a place she can go to relax. An avid reader, Danielle enjoys a good book almost as much as she does writing one! Danielle loved spending time on her uncle’s Christmas tree and grape farm in Florida, as well as taking road trips. R.E. Danielle now lives in Tennessee, where she and her husband raise their young daughter. T.D. Dean is not only her co-author, but also her wonderful mother-in-law!

From Nashville, Tennessee, T.D. Dean is fond of writing short stories that make her children shiver, however Shaded: Colored Lies is her first published work. When she’s not writing, Dean enjoys racing motorcycles across her 145-acre farm. She resides with her wonderful "hubby," and cherishes spending time with all her family, as well as her beautiful grandchildren.

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R.E. Danielle

T.D. Dean

Both authors can be found at